Terms & Conditions

“The hirer” and “the client” refers to the person who has contracted (or may potentially contract) with us to hire the venue. Where an organisation has contracted with us, that organisation shall be considered the hirer or client.

“The venue” refers to all areas of the Barns – and its outside areas – which the client has hired as part of their booking.

“Constituent” refers to any part of the Barns building - and its outside areas – including fixtures, fittings, and equipment (such as electronics) owned by the Barns or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Please note that by making a booking with us, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

General conditions:

a.) No outside food is to be brought onto the premises, with the exception of a cake (and a  selection of sweets, if the sweet cart constitutes part of your booking). Please be aware that contravention of this agreement will result in additional charges being added to your booking.

b.) No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premises under any circumstances. Contravention of this rule will result in confiscation of the bottle, and possible extra charges. (This includes wine, prosecco and other beverages with any alcohol content.)

c.) Any damage to the venue or its fixtures by either the hirer or their guests, will result in a charge to the hirer - equivalent to the sum needed to make good the damage. Likewise, theft of any constituent of the venue will also incur a charge to the hirer, in line with the cost of replacement of that item. The hirer is wholly liable for any damage caused by their guests, unless otherwise agreed.


d.) Events booked in excess of 6 months in advance may experience an increase of up to 20% in costs related to catering, furniture rent, alcoholic drinks, and venue hire. An estimate will be given - but please note that future events and tax increases cannot be predicted this far in advance. In the 6 month run up to your event, a final quote will be given. (Please note: an estimate does not constitute a quotation.)


1.) Payment of venue hire in full will ensure that this element of booking cost will not increase.


2.) Deposits on venue hire and catering are non-refundable.


e.) Any quote given upon enquiry from a potential hirer will have a validity period of 3 weeks from its date of issue. Should the hirer choose to revise the date of their event or delay confirmation of their booking for a period of more than 3 weeks, the original quote given shall only apply by the approval of Barns management.

f.) No animals may be brought onto the premises – (other than assistance dogs) – without the prior consent of management.


g.) The hirer and all guests are to vacate the venue by the allotted expiry of the hire period. Failure to abide by this stipulation may result in additional hire charges.


h.) Please be aware that the Barns bar will close half an hour before the designated finish time of the event. After this point, drinks cannot be served.


i.) All possessions left on the premises will be held for a maximum period of 2 days, unless otherwise agreed. After this period the items will be discarded.

3.) We cannot accept liability for items which are not collected during this period - for whatever reason.


j.) Full payment for a booking is due at least 12 weeks prior to its date. Failure to pay the full amount may result in annulment of the booking, and only partial reimbursement of some elements of the bill.

4.) In circumstances where a booking is made fewer than 12 weeks in advance, full payment for the event is due a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event date.

k.) Failure on the part of the hirer to complete payments by the due date may result in the event being cancelled and any prior payments forfeited.


l.) Bookings at the Barns cannot accept any loyalty card, voucher, or any other token as reason for discount on the hire of the venue or any associated costs. (Such as catering etc).


m.) The Old Barns and its associates, companies and suppliers, reserve the right to pass on any price increases to the customers as and when they arise, from the period of the initial booking through to the date of the event. This is inclusive of any increases or levies imposed upon the company by HMRC or The Government, inclusive of V.A.T. and the national minimum wage. We also reserve the right to amend our charges for any suppliers increases due to the above. Taking into consideration the above, any decrease by the Government or HMRC will also be passed onto the customer.

n.) Estimates of price given by us do not constitute a binding quotation and are liable to possible increases, as mentioned.

o.) The use of confetti during an event will invalidate the hirer’s right to a £50 refund upon the cost of the venue hire.

p.) Underage drinking is not permitted. Anyone who is observed supplying alcohol to an underage individual will be asked to leave.

q.) Individuals found in possession of illegal substances will be asked to vacate the premises, and will not be permitted to return during the event. We also reserve the right to permanently bar individuals who are found either in possession or under the influence of an illegal substance.

5.) Any individual found to be distributing illegal substances will be permanently barred, and footage of the incident(s) will be forwarded to law enforcement.

r.) Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult while on the premises.

s.) Our policy dictates that we do not host 16th or 18th Birthdays.

t.) Where any element of your booking is not paid for in full, we reserve the right to withdraw or alter the options pertinent to that element, with advanced warning prior to your event. Should you wish to proceed with the previous iteration of that option, this possibility will be at our discretion.

6.) This condition applies to the provision of various food options, where it may not be possible to continue offering options which were available at the original time of booking (but were not paid for in full during the interim).